i started blessing using the names of god, after giving my existince the powers purity of 20 billion years no sex.

a human body is not designed to have this.

i wanted to kill myself after the blessings and powers

so i have taken law


if my soul agrees i can loose 50% of my purity by having sex with my wife, gods favorite daughter.

sex was no fun.

my existince was too blessed and too high.

something inside me wanted to LIVE, so i had sex told my soul to loose 50% purity.

i did not come hard in my wife.

but i feeled i lost 10 billion years of powers.

the next hour i started feeling better.

i have lost 50% of my purity.


this is the level needed to stay on eden 5, earth.

10 billion years no sex, body age 43 thats whats remaining.

each week i become younger.

like the other kings of sumeria.

the wolf is the godking ofcourse.

i realize that now.