i have the power of GOD THAT CAN EXIST EVERYWHERE.....

my soul is omnipotent omnipressent.


i have projected myself 8 million times on the planet of the grey aliens zeta rituli.

i collected 8 million liters of blood.

sacrificed 6 to the first vampire of the existince.


the remaining 2 million was used to build THE TEMPLE OF BLOOD IN MY BEDROOM.

i have used the power of the supreme kai to make, THE BLOOD NECKLACE, then i started blessing it.

the next morning:


zeta rituli is afraid.

my mouth taste like blood.

i can smell blood in the air.

something is hapening.

i dont know if this will work, the laws for this star system block my immortality.

stupid father of realities, i hate him so much.

he did not want armagedon to have his power too soon.

i am not armagedon.


i am the supreme kai with vampire powers.

the shadows keep me company, lord of shadows. cool.

welcome to the vampires they said.

i can drink blood using my soul.

maybe i must do this, drink blood using my soul.

i have a terrible hunger for blood alien blood.

human blood is not as pure as alien blood.

the aliens said; if you dont behave we bring you to NIBIRU OUR ALIEN BASE.

thats outside the solar system.............

i am going to drink more alien blood....until they abduct me....

what the fuck do i care.

i am god after all.

the vampire supreme kai.