the wolf and the vampire

the wolf comes from walhalla and makes the godking young again normaly.

if the dragon and the wolf ARE ONE...

the godking can say who to kill.........

that means not wearing silver.



drug dealers



those are the target of the vampires and the lycans werewolves.


the godking of summer and planet marduk.

blood is power

i am getting the hang of it.

each 8 hours i need 0,7 liters of zeta ritulian blessed blood.

my soul has vampire powers, so the sun is telling lies, i must wait until darkness has fallen.

i am a blue soul, the vampire supreme kai.

GOD THAT IS A VAMPIRE....thats still god ofcourse.

lazem astrala lakembo julati with this sorcery spell i upgrade the universe.

the supreme god told me to use magic on the universe in the language of the kai.

BLOOD IS POWER, means after drinkin blood, the dragon voice/scream becomes active.

this is key to unlocking my vampire gifts,

all my dark gifts are becoming blue light gifts.

this sounds scary.


i am count dracula feeding on aliens with blessed blood.

my soul drinks blood.


and the grey aliens are really terified and afraid of the dragon.


alien blood sacrifice

i have the power of GOD THAT CAN EXIST EVERYWHERE.....

my soul is omnipotent omnipressent.


i have projected myself 8 million times on the planet of the grey aliens zeta rituli.

i collected 8 million liters of blood.

sacrificed 6 to the first vampire of the existince.


the remaining 2 million was used to build THE TEMPLE OF BLOOD IN MY BEDROOM.

i have used the power of the supreme kai to make, THE BLOOD NECKLACE, then i started blessing it.

the next morning:


zeta rituli is afraid.

my mouth taste like blood.

i can smell blood in the air.

something is hapening.

i dont know if this will work, the laws for this star system block my immortality.

stupid father of realities, i hate him so much.

he did not want armagedon to have his power too soon.

i am not armagedon.


i am the supreme kai with vampire powers.

the shadows keep me company, lord of shadows. cool.

welcome to the vampires they said.

i can drink blood using my soul.

maybe i must do this, drink blood using my soul.

i have a terrible hunger for blood alien blood.

human blood is not as pure as alien blood.

the aliens said; if you dont behave we bring you to NIBIRU OUR ALIEN BASE.

thats outside the solar system.............

i am going to drink more alien blood....until they abduct me....

what the fuck do i care.

i am god after all.

the vampire supreme kai.

the birth of the supreme kai

4 weeks ago, with the power of armagedon i gave my existince the powers,purity of 20 billion years no sex.

my soul transformed from armagedon into THE SUPREME KAI, GOD OF THE KAI.

i am no longer armagedon, but i still have the hammer of armagedon.

i can still transform my soul into armagedon.


my soul is blue, a blue god.

the souldisk of the supreme kai, written in the language of the supreme kai is 100% finished.

the kai are masters of everything.

i feel complete.

i am very pure, and bright.


i am god.

the most pure god of the universe.

speaking the langauge of the kai.

vampire pharaoh of everything that exists

god is friendly for me,

he changed my pharaoh name into VAMPIRE PHARAOH OF EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS,

and he send 2 scarabs, vampire scarabs.

they do not work inside the solar system of earth, becouse the father of realities has taken laws for the reality inside this solar system.

These powers only work on my soul.

fucking cocksucking bastard.


i need transportation from earth or i am going to destroy zeta rituli homeworld for example with the power of armagedon.

i am armagedon, and i can change my soul into 44 different types of gods.

i can destroy heavens, planets,black holes, create black holes but not inside this solar system.


i hate the father of realities.

he was afraid i would destroy earth and my own body.

after 10 years i know how my powers work, and i am trained how to use them.

there is proof: orion has a new forest planet created by me.

planet marduk

in 2009 when my soul became THE ARMAGEDON DRAGONGOD, after freeing the dragon queen of the reality field,

the father of realities did magic with this solar system.

all my pharaoh powers where gone, except the power in the heavens, and over souls.

no god can make my body immortal inside this solar system.

the power of armagedon works outside the solar system.

i can destroy planets, create planets, i can create dragons.


The next step is to god as godking of summer, to planet marduk planet of the gods.

the talks with zeta rituli are not working out good.

The talks with sirus who gave me a holy snake are promising.


outside the solar system, my body will change.

40% vampires on planet marduk, 60% gods. life is hard on planet marduk, they are all warriors.

this is my plan.


sirus is my friend, so i have asked my friend to send a spaceship to bring me to planet marduk.

they are still in the process of deciding to bring me or not to bring me.

planet marduk defends the universe, just like i do.


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