i am the godking of planet marduk, planet of the gods.

arthur king of the dragons has been sent to london. my name.

this is my second kingship of the gods of summer.

the last king.


omneshalalief the crown of the king of summer.

allalashaloef the trone of the godking.

malashielafa the staff of god.


i am the king of summer.

i am immortal and i am a wolf a white wolf who drinks beer and eats fruit.

the new godking of sumeria

sumerian immortal king list


i am the godking of planet marduk, (summer).

arthur is the king of the dragons


all the devils on earth and in the universe NOT CREATED BY GOD are dead.

my reward:GODKING OF SUMERIA *earth.

eden 5 in the past.


i am immortal, i can not die.

i am god, the godking.

before the godking, the king of the pharaoh`s the son of god.

goes netherlands is the city of marduk.


the word of god


is cool.


i have the power of THE WORD OF GOD....

i can make the holy land

the holy city

i live in the temple of summer...


onamshilashaelael i summon this god with the hammer of lamisha and i bless my house with it.

i have the word of god...

tuzulu i curse in the lands and kingdoms of my enemies.

the curse of god.

what would the sorcery sorcery spell be of THE SINFLOOD OF KISH?

thats a good weapon.

i am the same as kish....

where is the sinflood spell?



i must search planet marduk for the curse of THE SINFLOOD...

the godking can become 1 million years old...

maybe its not in my interest to bring the sinflood to earth....

i want gods and i want planet marduk THE VAMPIRES AND THE LYCANS.

i say who to hunt for...

meanwhile i speak the language of god...

my soul is one of the gods...


the end of the king of the pharaoh`s

in 2008 in the heaven of star system andromeda i became the king of the pharaoh`s,

send to earth to kill every soul of satan and the devil make the planet mine.

all devils are dead globaly.


the kingship decended from the pharaoh heaven of the universe,

they removed all powers of the king of the pharaoh`s and crowned me GODKING OF SUMMER.


i am like the sheppard,arthur and kish who brought the SINFLOOD.

i am the godking of summer.


the faraoh is gone.

the king of the gods is me marco hagenaars.

the town of summer is goes the netherlands, the holy city.

no man or woman with evil intensions can aproach me.

many ghosts protect the godking.

the slayer of hell.

god of war.

god of war can never be defeaten.


so the devil and satan are gone.

godkings become 1 million years old.

i passed the tests of heaven for the kingship.


the kings of sumeria lists kings that are older then 10 million years....

the kingship is back

the gods are back.


the godking.


since i am not wearing silver, the vampire powers have left me.

i am a white wolf, i eat fruit to prevent becoming a black werewolf.


fenir the son of loki, is the white wolf of ashgard,mitgard and walhalla.

i feel positive.


i eat a lot of fruit no meat. powder milk in the coffee but this is not blood only a substance with animal dna witch

is curable by odin.

if odin blesses fenir.


i received a postcard from a girl who worships the godking.

i am fully restored. and healed by fenir.

i am a positive godking who must decide on who the wolves and the vampires hunt.

drug dealers.


there is no bigger evil then the dope dealer.

i support all police worldwide with blessings to catch dope dealers.



fenir is the son of odin, a white wolf.

that wolf becomes a werewolf if the godking eats meat.

so the godking must eat fruit.

fenir makes the godking young again.

fenir removes the bloodlust of the vampire GOD.


when the wolf and the vampire are one, the godking rules the wolves and the vampires.


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