becoming the supreme kai

how the holy land is created


I have build my kingship after returning from the pharaoh heaven in the star system andromeda,
from all the souls who gave their soul to me.

My kingship houses 800 trillion souls, my kingship changed into a tree.

more then 1000 temples and heavens are open in the magical tree.

I am the king of magic, the pharaoh of the universe.

I used magic on my land, and on the universe.
after 10 years, i am the most powerful wizard of the universe.
God of magic.

I have seen the white devil, this is what she said;

My kingship, my magical tree i am always inside in the temple of the supreme kai.

Armagedon, i freed the armagedon dragon queen.
That was in 2009.
My soul was exploring the universe, and outside the universe
was a blue orb, i opend it and with a loud bang
the armagedon dragon queen came out.
together we returned to earth.
The next morning my soul was a armagedon dragon god.

The armagedon dragons live inside the reality seas,
each reality houses fields of universes.
each armagedon dragon destroys his home.
God did magic with the solar system to prevent that.
The reality field is actualy a god listening to orders from armagedon.
a reality god in fact.

after 10 years i have upgraded my soul to supreme kai.
did a wicked experiment with artificialy purity of 18 billion years.
Now my soul is the supreme kai.

damm my energy is really body feels it.
The supreme kai.
the pharaoh of the universe